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The group of artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is disappointed with the lack of access to the artistic world, decides to create its own team and call itself ‘Movovolm’. Their convincing large-scale exhibitions are a profitable niche in the field of art and cause interest George R. Martin (the creator of the games of the thrones), who comes on board as an investor and supporter. With their wild success, obtained on their own terms, Wolf Wolf speaks about his own historyand inspires DIY DIY in creativity, entrepreneurs and dreamers around the world – in cinemas for one night on Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 am local time.

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From the Oscar winner director Steve McQueen (12 years old) and a joint correspondent with the best author Flynn (GI Gone) comes swelling, modern-day exciting crime, passion and corruption. The widow of the story of four women with nothing at all, except the remaining work of their deceased male activity. In modern Chicago, against the rise in the shock of the time, tension strikes during Veronica (Oscar Victor Viola Davis), Alice (ElizabethDebicki),Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Bell (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate with their own hands and prepare to create later in their own case. Witweauch Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall, Daniel Kalu, Lukas Haas and Brian Henry Tyra star.

Veronica, Linda, Alice and Bella have nothing in common, except for the rest of the promise of criminal activity of their dead loved one. Suffering increases rapidly when they are in the trap to take hands and intentions and move forward to their own terms.

Therein Chicago today with the protests, four women from one thing together, except for the remaining responsibility of her husband’s late crimes to take their fate in their own hands and the conspiracy to break their future boundaries.


Steve McQueen Authors:

Flynn (screenplay), Steve McQueen (author) | “Widow” is the story of four women generally having nothing but the responsibility of the remaining criminal activity of her deceased husband. It’s located in Chicago’s modern, againstVeronica (Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Bell (Cynthia Erivo) take their documents in their hands and plan to strengthen their future goals.

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December meets his brother, two long, charming, entertaining and successful Drew’s brothers, who want to get together with him for one last criminal.

Director: Kyle Lumum Pierre Coffin

Authors: Paul son, Ken Dowry

Stars: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiggo, Trey Parker

Genre: Animation effect Antur| comedy | Family | Fantastic Fiction

Country: USA

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In the delightful suburban neighborhood surrounded by white pink roses with blooming pink roses, there is a black house with a lawn. Unknown neighbors, hidden under this house, are tajinehelaethgorchuddio. Surrounded by a smallmining army, discovering games, designing the largest team in the history of the world. This will bring the moon! The game is convenient for all the ugly; He defeats all who stand in his way. Until this day he will face the tremendous will of the three little orphans who see him and see himwhat nobody else has seen: a possible father.

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During the previous one and that the theme park suffers a major breakdown allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.


Steven Spielberg Writers:

Michael Crichton (novel), Michael Crichton (screenplay) | Research achievements in technology to create a ingensGames included on the island is full of old dinosaur living. The enemies of a man with him is John Harmar-four in the Jurassic Park of children called for. But we are, indeed, in vsihireut ye him not?

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When the Titans teenagers go to the big screen, they’re great! Teen Titans GO! The film is our egocentric, wild satirical superhero swordfish their first feature film – fresh, joyful smart, small, corresponding rough and gloomy in the genre superherojazed with music numbers. looks likeas a teenager that all the main characters play the main role in their films, except Titan’s teenagers, that’s all! However, de facto leader Robin has decided to correct the situation and to be considered a star instead of a friend.If you can get the most honorable Hollywood director to notice them.With a few ideas about extravagance and a song in their heart, Teen Titans goes to Tinsel Tovn, who will undoubtedly withdraw their dreams. But when the group radically misguided a serious criminal and his maniac plundant to take over the Earth, everything went through. Tim believes their friendship isand the fighting spirit failed, putting the fate of Titan-teen alone!

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This modern romantic comedy, based on a bestseller, stands from Rachel Chew in New York to meet friends of his family.


John Chu Authors:

Peter Chiarelli (author), Adele Lim (screenplay) | The following story is RachelChu (Wu), a professor of the Sino-US economy whogoes to his boyfriend (Golding) in Hometown Nick Singapore at the wedding of his best friend. During his secret came out: Nick zmya, who was too big, he could be the most qualified scientist in Asia, and every woman in her ultra-clear social class was very jealous of Racheland wants to go downstairs.

Rachel Chew is happy to accompany her longtime friend Nick, the wedding of his best friend in Singapore. She also was surprised to learn that the Nyx family was great, and the hydroelectric power plant was considered one of the most muted suburbs. Get carried away, Rachel nowmust be jealous of the luminous, crooked relatives and something even worse – Nix passed his mother.

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