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Of the women that play on top of the women who live with the purpose, sister-meg Mary, Joe, Beth and Amy – always want to support each other. When Joe moved to New York to write a novel, the publisher told her to write about something much more interesting about her family. When the disaster brings the siblings back home, a new meaning is kept together when Joe is trying to comfort Bet when he becomes ill.

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This sought-after musician, Miguel, when faced with the treasure of his family for music, the land of the dead comes to find his great-grandfather, the legendary singer.

Council: Li Enckrich Adrian Molina (co-director)

Writers Lee Unkrich (original story), Jason Kats (original story)

StarsAntonio Gonzalez, Gael Garza Bernal, Benjamin Brother

Genre: animation | right | Works family | fantasy | musical instruments mystery

Country: USA

CoCoHD 2017-T X264HQ Profession


Video: AVC 2000kbps 720x30430fps

MP3 audio 256 Kbps

Language: English


Fountain, golf course + Russian + father


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This aspiring musician, Miguel, when faced with a generic ban of his family on music,comes to the land. An invention of the great-grandfather died of his legendary singer.


Lee Unrich, Adrian Molina (co-director) Writers:

Li Unkrich (original story), Jason Kats (original story) Despite the prohibition of his family for many years of awesome music, C dreams, andnot an experienced musician like their idol Ernesto de la Cruz. An evil spirits proves that Miguel is beautiful and varied in the dead on the basis of a series of mysterious. The road to the charming Hector is found, explained, and at the same time play a real sycophant on the back of historythe beautiful family of Michael, after he felt himself.

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Ten years ago he lived with an uncle, Jean-Eccentric has a secret TickTock Old Chia noise. Jonathan, Mrs. Zimmerman, liberal and conservative art, studied sadly. Louis suddenly died suddenly, earns a long dream to reveal secrets of the world’s dangers against workers and traces.

Ghost, a clear place In the classic Amblin, LocaMaecenas’s unexpected Oscar nomination and Niger’s winner, Cate Blanchett became a star, clocked up by her houseon the wall in Amblin Entertainment. Cicero has been telling the story for a 10-year-old Marcus Vaccaro, in the old house that lives with his uncle, with a mysterious heart-tailed Chia. However, the new city # 39, a long-standing, ADE is a secret world with blitzing lives, where Louis Stretches and Witches accidentally died.

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When Teen Titans enter the big screen, big! Teen Titans GO! The film finds super heroic, egocentric and satirical films in its first feature film, superheroist, with intelligent melodies, skulls and faces suitable for children, consisting of music numbers. It seems the teenagers that the main superhero is shooting all the protagonists, but Teen Titans, that’s it! But Robin’s secretary is to solve the situation in reality, and it seems like a non-partner star. Only in Hollywoodis the hottest film director. With giant ideas and heart songs, Teen Titans directs the City of Tinsel to get a dream. But when a serious team shrouds and maneuvers a less oriented planet, everything is really bad. The team will find their friendship and spirit of struggle, placing the fate of the Teen Titans together.

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Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), twenty and thirty best friends in Los Angeles, expect the unexpected in an international conspiracy, when the former boyfriend of Audrey appeared in his apartment with a team of deadly assassins, even surprised himself even makes the action come Duoin through a pretty killerand suspicious, but exciting British agents to Europe to submit a plan to save the world.

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ID: 1

Format: AVC

Format / Information: Extended Video Codec

Profile format:

Adjustment format: refineries for frames. CABAC / 4

Format configuration, CABAC: yes

Format adjustment, RefFrames: 4 frames

Codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Bitrate: 1,400kb / s

Width: 1,280 pixels

Height: 532 pixels

Screen Ratio: 1

Frequency mode of the box: constant

Speed ​​Frames: (30000/1001) FPS

Color space: YUV

Subgroup color samples: 4: 2: 0

depth: 8 bits

Scan type: progressive

Bits / (Marco Pixel *):

The sizeTransmission: 1,016 MIB (84%)

Writing library: core x264 155 r2901 7d0ff22

Default: yes

Forced: no

Language: – Hindi and English

When a boy accidentally begins the return of the most deadly hunter in the universe on Earth, only a man of former soldiers. And an unhappy scientist can escapethe end of mankind.


Shane Black Writers:

Fred Decker, Shane Black | From the exits to the streets of small suburban towns, the hunt goes into the house. Today, more deadly hunters in the universe are stronger, smarter and more deadly than ever, taking into account the geneticDNA of other species. When the boy deliberately returns to Earth, he is one team of gangsters of former soldiers and an unsatisfied scientist Science can prevent the end of humanity.

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The two Puerto Rican brothers Ralphi Matas (Jorge Burgos) and Junior (Gilbert Saldivar) from New York’s Harlem and the best salsa dancers on the street were separated after the tragedy to resist again a few years later the gentrification side.

As children in the city of Derry, Maine, began to disappear, a group of young people encountered their greatest fear as they fought a wicked clown named Pennywise, whose story of murder and violencestarted for centuries.

KIN, The Thrill of the Crime Movies with a science fiction twist, is the story of a hero who is unlikely to be tall. Hunted down by vengeful criminals (James Franco), the FBI and other gangs of the World Army, the youngest ex-prisoners (Jack Reynor) and their teenage brothers (Myles Truitt) are the only means of escape with mysterious weapons.

In search of copper wire, Detroit’s teenager Eli Solinski stumbled over oneHigh-tech weapon, which had a special strength. When his brother Jimmy encountered a problem with a local crime, two siblings took a mysterious weapon and kept running. Eli and Jimmy are now in a fight between life and death against thugs and two very heavy and futuristic armored soldiers who want to get their weapons back.

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Who are the glory of their couches, was accused of a number of shows was infamous in the eye of mind, lizzie lizzie Borden minim and two thousand and eight hundred, ninety-smooth skin with iron, the family of the murder of the fall of the river was Rhode. 32 unmarried woman and the outcast, Lizzie (Chloe Sevigny) claustrophobic life in a cold father eiuseem masterful control. If Bridget, Carmen (Christine Stewart), a young maid, came to work in the house, Lizzie finds mate readily use rapidly learn the secretplan vzly flourishing.