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When the creator of the world of virtual reality dies, called OASIS, he publishes a video in which he disputes all OASIS users to find their Easter eggs, which will give the seeker their fortune.


Scenarists Steven Spielberg:

ZackPenn (scenario), Ernest Kline (scenario) | 2045. realthe world is a difficult place. The only time Vade Vatts (Tie Sheridan) really lives is when he fled to OASIS, the dark virtual universe where most of mankind conducts his days. In OASIS, which can go somewhere, do everything, be somebody – the only restrictions are your own imagination. OASIS created brilliantand eccentric James Hallidei (Mark Rilance), who left a great fate and completely controlled the oasis for the triumphant winner, whom he designed to find a worthy successor. When Veda wins the first hunt for reality, he and his friends, like High Fridays, find themselves sefantthe universe of discovery and the danger of saving OASIS.

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Ron Stoloworth, a US officer in Colorado Springs, managed to invade the Klux Klan district branch with the help of a Jewish deputy who eventually became a leader. Depending on actual events.


Spike Lee author:

Charlie Quail, David Rabinowitz | The Spike Lee’s festivals were released by the team after the transfer and provided other training against US competition. Mid-70s (John David Washington), he became the first black detective at the police station in Colorado.Ertrying to prove its value by being infiltrated the inner head of the Klux Klan and its fellow Jews (Adam Driver) and move, as a white Suprma under the ban to go.

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A mysterious young woman named Esther Shaw in collaboration with Anna Fang, dangerous criminals with generosity and Topics Natsworthy, exiles from London to lead a rebellion against large predators city with wheels.


Author Christian River:

Fran Walsh (screenplay), Philippa Boyens (screenplay) | mysteryyoung woman, Hester Shaw emerged as the only one to stop the giant robber city rodadapat, that everything in its path and wild verschlingt.Wildruhomuyu in memory of his mother, Esther happened to Tom Natsworthy, exiled in London, together with Anna Fang, dangerous criminals from the generosity of the headgovernment together.

Hundreds of years after a catastrophic event destroys the civilization, the mysterious young Hester Shaw emerged as a single, the city of London – now the largest predators on wheels – can keep them all on NyaCara devour. Wild and feral moving memory of his mother, Esther worked closelycollaboration with TomamNatsworthy exiles in London and Anna Fang, a dangerous criminal from the bounty on his head.

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Casper is a fluffy boy, but loneliness is not enough to help people get bored. Then, one day, two new visitors came up in a breathtaking home, Koldershtok Manor: Kat Harvey and his eccentric father. Harvey, self-denouncing ghost therapist. The insidious owner of Whipstaffs, Carrigan Crittenden, hired Harvte to move into space, so he could put his hands on the legendary treasure property. Unfortunately, Dr. Harvey, Skeptical Trio – Fat, Stinkie and Stretch – to eliminate their desire for their occurrenceThey have their own method – and the definitely twisted sense of meaning.

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Young Afro-Americans visit a mysterious family farm of their Caucasian girlfriend.

Director: Jordan Peil

Author of Jordan Paley

Star: Daniel Kalu, Alison Williams, Bradley Whitford

Genre: Horror | mystery

Country: USA


EAST: 1080 CHS – Thank you! 🙂

Video: 1600 Kbps -2 pass

Separatorycapability: 720×304

Duration: 43s 1h 44m

Subtitles: Chinese (hardcoded)

Audio: 192 Kbps AC3

Language: English

Special thanks to: KING_DVD

Note: When you are.

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Council novice final last stage of his called by the Vatican to investigate the death of the young son of the former in Romania and in the form of unpleasant effects are exerted against the dynasty declared.

Director heart Hardy

Author: John Dauberman (screenplay), James Van (If the story)

And the DA Demin bichir, Taissa Farmiga, John block

Genre: Horror | mystery | glory

Country: United States

720P HDCAM 1KSBET 2018 Nun

Language: English

From your mother

Video: MPEG4Video (H264) 1280k600 3634kbps

Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz min 224kbps

For many things meant exclusively for posetaVvV PL SeeHD

And in that same, however, the history of Ashraf Marwan, the son of the author of the most trusted NasserovogRegna the successor Anwar Sadat, was a counselor, and at the same time,


AutorAriel VRoma:

David was plowed, Uri Bar-Joseph (second Novella) Zvezda;

Hannah deeds, Kebbell Nineveh Marvan Kenzari | The story itself Ashraf Marwan, son Nasserovogregnum his special adviser and trusted advisor winning Anwar Sadat- at the same time, Israel is the most important share of the 20th century, according to the best book “angels spy who helped Israel with Egypt, Uri Bar-Joseph.

Youth where the poet locisRomaniae work and private life is bad to the Vatican priest last seasons final new search. At the same time in the long run, and to submit to the secrets of the faith and have regard to the commandments of God by their unnatural vitality and uirtutemhumanum.

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