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Privileged musician Jackson Maine reveals – and falls in love with – the fighting artist Ali. She was about to give her a dream to make her a singer until Jackson drew her attention. But though Alice made a career, the personal side of her relationship was overthrown because Jackson fought against continuing the fight with his inner demons.

The musician helps the young singer to become popular, though age and alcohol make her career into the spiralSend.


Bradley Koper writer:

Eric Roth (screenplay), Bradley Cooper (writer) | Musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) discovers and falls in love with martial artist Ali (Gaga). She would give her a dream and make it big as a singer – until Jack considers it. But despite Alice’s long career, the personal side of their relationship is overthrown because Jack continues fighting with their inner demons.

The movie star helps the boyHunting actress to be popular, although age and alcoholism have led their career into the spiral.


MgaJordj Kukuk Writer:

Moss Hart (screenplay), Dorothy Parker (based on the 1937 screen) | Norman Maine, a star in the movie whose career disappears, meets the show-graphic Esther Blodgett when she is drunk, stumbles over her act one evening. Friendship will develop and then blossom into romance before the tension comes because Esther’s careerwill continue until Norman becomes.

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Events “Experience and Lifestyle” Fethem represent a special production of the ballet “Great Debris” from Moscow, Russia, for the selection of cinemas all over the country on Sunday, December 17. Since the clock strikes at midnight on Christmas Eve, the Marian Dwarf doll turns into a prince! Soonshe joined other toys that were also reborn, Marie and her prince are beginning to dream of unforgettable adventures. Festive tradition for the whole family “Nutcracker” captures a wonderful scene for two hours of magic and magic.

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It has been three years since the amusement park and the Jurassic World luxury resort were destroyed by the dinosaurs of the enclosure. Isla Novar is abandoned by humans, while surviving dinosaurs manage themselves in the jungle. When the volcano stops on the island, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (BryceDallas Howard) are launching a campaign to save the remaining dinosaurs from extinction. Owen is forced to find a son, his main rapper who still has no freedom, and Claire is worried about those creatures who are now performing their mission. Arriving on an unstable island whenlava rains, their expedition finds a conspiracy that can bring our whole planet back into a dangerous order that has not been seen since prehistoric times.

When the sleeping volcano sleeps, Owen and Clare organize a campaign to save the remaining dinosaurs from extinction.

Directed by:


DerekConnelly, Colin Trevorow | Three years after the closure of the theme park, Jurassic World Owen and Claire return to Isla Noobar to save the dinosaurs when they learn that the sleeping volcano on the island is active and threatens to extinguish the whole life. On the way, Owen goes to look for Heaven, his primaryrapper and finds a conspiracy that can break the natural order of the entire planet. Life finds way again.

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One day, the rock star falls in love with a young and hopeful singer.


Frank Pierson writers:

John Gregory Dunn (screenplay), Joan Didion (screenplay) Talented rock star John Norman Howard saw his career begin to decline. Many years of concert and direction, and a cynical way of life, and monotony gathered his crop. So, Esther Hoffman is a innocent singer, pure and very talented. As the song of a movie says: “I’ll take you, girl, I’ll show youhow. “And he does not. Esther shows glory to leave my career. When he’s loved, his success is even more spectacular.

A movie star helps singers and young actors to find fame, even though age and alcoholism send their careers.


George Cukor writers:

Moss Hart (on Screen by Dorothy Parker (Screen Based on 1937) | Norman Man, filmmaker who finishes the career, gathers Esther Blodgett as an actor, afternoonin a drink Friendship develops and then falls in love with stress before stress strikes. It will be overdue, while Norman is still falling.

Experimental musician Jackson Man and falls in love – Ellie, a martial artist. The fact that poker is great has almost never dreamed about Jackson. But with regards to Allie’s career, he has a personal relationship with him, and Jamack is fighting with internal demons.

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Events and performances Metropolitan Opera broadcasts are those of Saint Samson and Delilah Sanss who perform in international theater on Saturday, October 20, St-Star Sanss Biblical Epic Elina Garanča and Roberto Alanya. The last couple was seen in 2010 in the audience “Live in HD “Carmen Biseet Infections. Nauru corporate star, such as the high priest, and Elchin Azizov as King and King Abilleki Dmitry Belosselskiy in davnoyevreyskoyu.Darko Tresnzhak awards TonyMkurugenzi Gentlemans kill the Guide to Love,makes his first lead of the first production for Opera20 years old Sir Mark Elder’s work.

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Despite the fact that young girls in New York are at school on their first marriages and births, the unexpected distraction of their journey is surprisingly wide throughout the continent and throughout life.


Writer Dan Fogelman:

Dan Vogelman Star:

Oscar Isaac, OliviaWilde, Annette Bening Despite the fact that the young couples of New York are in school for their first marriage and birth, an unexpected twist of their path creates a confusion that reflects on Earth and through the Life in its own vidas.Director and scriptwriter Dan Vogelman (“This is we “) Is considered dangerousThe saga of everyday life is useful and the creator of the international set, including Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Olivia Cook, Sergio Peris – Menneche, Liahona Costa, Alex Monner and Menzi Paikinin. Located in New York eCarmona, Spain, Life celebrates the state of man andall her symptoms are fun, moving and loving.

Amores del colegio Villa and Abby are in love, they are married and they are preparing to take their first child into the world, and their stories are held in New York, “Relationships with people in Seville, Spain”, including young women, their husbands and grandchildren, wealthy ownersand manufacturers.

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When Scott Lang is equal to Superhero and Dad, Hope Van Dine and Dr. Hank Pim was on a new mission to meet An-Man with the Battle to reveal the secrets of his past.

Directed by:

Writers of Pean Reed:

Chris McKenna, Eric Sommers | Captain America logo: Civil War (2016), Scott Langestá struggling with the consequences of his choice as a superhero and father. When he struggled to balance his life, his house was responsible for Ann-Mann, it was Hope Van Dine and Dr Hank Pimwith a new urgent mission. Scott must again request suicide and learn to fight against The Wasp, as the teams work together to reveal the secrets of their past.