Ready Player One 2018 full movie torrent


When the creator of the world of virtual reality dies, called OASIS, he publishes a video in which he disputes all OASIS users to find their Easter eggs, which will give the seeker their fortune.


Scenarists Steven Spielberg:

ZackPenn (scenario), Ernest Kline (scenario) | 2045. realthe world is a difficult place. The only time Vade Vatts (Tie Sheridan) really lives is when he fled to OASIS, the dark virtual universe where most of mankind conducts his days. In OASIS, which can go somewhere, do everything, be somebody – the only restrictions are your own imagination. OASIS created brilliantand eccentric James Hallidei (Mark Rilance), who left a great fate and completely controlled the oasis for the triumphant winner, whom he designed to find a worthy successor. When Veda wins the first hunt for reality, he and his friends, like High Fridays, find themselves sefantthe universe of discovery and the danger of saving OASIS.

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